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Many years ago an all female show was formed by a group of local artists, of which later I became friends with. The show was called “Burn the Witch.” Without going into a lengthy explanation I will say it became a popular female art show. Each year there was a new board and the show was curated in a different venue. The show went dark for a year or two and was revisioned by Jesus Fidel and Susan Roussel, reformed and rebuilt under the namesake “Out of the Ashes.”

Out of the Ashes was a beautiful show. I am proud of my friends Jesus and Susan for all they did and how well they displayed the works reinventing a beautiful celebration of female artists!

I participated in Out of the Ashes, and entered three pieces; an untitled piece which was a pencil drawing of a nude male form, a 12×12 piece titled She Grew Up Too Fast, and an 18×24 painting of a llama titled Como te Llama. The show had two receptions one on 10/14/2012 and the last on 10/28/2012.

I’m in hopes someone takes the reigns and does a agreat job on the show next year.


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Hooves and Horns was my solo-exhibit at The Padre Hotel featured by Don Martin of Metro Galleries.

The Padre Hotel was built in 1928. It has been beautifully restored. The gallery space is within the cafe called Farmacy. The hotel’s decor is rich and posh. When you enter the building it is easy to forget you are in Bakersfield.

My mother and her fiance surprised me and flew in from Montana for the opening.. What a great surprise it was! There were many visitors familiar and new. The show was well received by the public.

Hooves and Horns will be on exhibit through the end of 2012 and be updated with new works as pieces sell.



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