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At long last I have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place! My Sweet Studio perched above the gallery is fully operational.

With the help from my dear friend Jesus Fidel we organized a cabinet with cubbies that manages all of my art supplies and tools. Along the top all of my paints sit in rainbow color order and clearly visible. Above this cabinet all of the show cards and posters showing my art decorate the wall. The room also furnishes a great hat rack, my working desk, easel, retro rug, game station for the kiddos with pink bean bags, a desk that houses my canvas, a frame wall and a small and FULL mini-gallery just atop the staircase.

Attached to my studio is what I call the dungeon. This is an all grey room that holds our excess art from the club, fridge, microwave, AC/Heater equipment, shrink wrap station and materials we use to make the gallery art tags.

I spent most of the weekend in my new space creating. I could find myself spending a lot of time there and looking forward to it! Today Alan, my gallery partner, hosted a figure drawing downstairs as I worked away. I have a wonderful sense of fulfillment. This is a great feeling…

gallery shot of me and alan
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This show is my baby. Year two of Art Imitates Art is just as awesome and twice as big as last year! Read the latest article in BakersfieldLife Magazine for more details!

Also, here you can listen to the radio interview taken last Friday! AIA II radio spot

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Twinkle Twinkle 8x10 $145

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Mad For You sold at the opening on Saturday! It was in my top three favorites! I’m so glad someone else loved it just as much.

Alice Hargreaves
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Today during my show, a woman pushing an older woman in a wheelchair and a man (middle-aged) in a mad hatter hat came into the gallery… They saw the article in the paper by Stefani Dias in the Bakersfield Californian, and decided they must go.
See, the woman in the chair was Alice Hargreaves. She was not “the” Alice but had her same name. “Alice is here to see her childhood friends,” said her daughter in law pushing the wheelchair. The man sporting the top hat was Alice’s son and she had made the hat for him.
Alice has been a lifetime fan of the story and has a collection of over 100 versions/copies of the book and also a vast collection of Alice in Wonderland items. She sampled the tea cakes and chocolates and had a glass of water. She smiled up at me and winked a few times while looking over the art works. They bought a couple prints and left after an hour or so.
This was a very special visit…
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