2013.5.5 Jessica McEuen
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Hard Wired, a solo exhibit by Jessica McEuen

Mid-May I curated a one-night solo show by member Jessica McEuen at The Foundry.

“When the cogs take over, perhaps nothing changes. Perhaps the same things get done and need doing. Perhaps cliques emerge and judgment is passed. Perhaps what is left carries on without notice. When the people go, maybe all that changes is the need for sunglasses.” – Jessica McEuen

Jessica has created “a robot world, where nothing seems too different from the present, just a little shinier.” Jessica’s pieces are robots in humorous scenes with unique shapes and features. Mature audience.

It happened to be a slow night, but many friends came out to show support and play hang-man as a group. Great fun.

May 24, 2013 | See comments »

‘Beyond Perception” a fine art exhibit by David Cook, presented by The Foundry

On May 3rd, 2013 I curated a show at The Foundry featuring a solo painting exhibition by David Cook.

As described by the artist, much of his imagery comes from natural or urban places. He is drawn to geometric shapes, structure and the play of color and light within this environment. His urban landscape paintings transcend our perception of landmark buildings by simplifying their structure. He likes working in gouache and allowing the medium to convey an opaque, flat appearance, emphasizing the two dimensions of paper or canvas. Using color triads, he works within a prismatic pallet to create a harmonious composition.

More about our artist:

David Cook received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Art from Cal State University, Bakersfield. Following two decades as an educator, his focus shifted dramatically. A lifelong learner, his extensive knowledge of art history, theory and philosophy support his passion for art. Recently he attended a graduate study workshop at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with renowned artist Stuart Shils. Cook’s studio work consists of classical drawing, abstract painting and contemporary rendering. He currently lives in the Kern River Valley with his wife and two daughters.










Artwork “Signs” by David Cook. Show postcard design by Shelley Juhl-O’Brien.

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{03C693F9-BB73-4449-B8CA-35F09C8EAD51}Months ago I turned in my submission for the Eye Gallery show this summer at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. The artists for this show are hand selected by a committee of organizers between the Bakersfield Californian and BMoA. I was honored to be a selected artist this year.

The assignment? Within a 96 hour period the artists are to write a portion of a story, 50 words or less, and illustrate their entry. You only see the pieces preceding your contribution and build on the stories of the artists before you. I was number five. This was a great challenge. During the exhibit in June, the pieces, both written and visual, will hang in order and tell the complete story. My piece introduced the character of the story. A woman intrigued by a ghostly yet familiar silhouette in her yard.

I’m looking forward to the opening!



16 1612 Lofts Mural 14x17 pen and acrylic
May 20, 2013 | See comments »

I was asked to come up with a design for mural installations on the building my gallery, The Foundry is in at the corner of 19th and Eye Streets. I am super excited about this one! I’m posting the concept from my very first raw thought to to my final piece, posted above.

















16 14x17 1612 19th city lofts mural concept colored pencil, ink, watercolor


















16 Blacktop Mural 35' at Ronald Reagan Elementary
May 20, 2013 | See comments »

I have been a member of the Parent Club at the kid’s school. This year I was contacted by the President of the club to see if I would be interested in repainting the USA map on the blacktop. I guess after they resurfaced the area it covered up the old mural. I of course said yes and scheduled an appointment to check it out.

Boy was I in for a surprise! We met, looked over the area, I picked up the stencil package and set the date. Ty and I went out the first day and got started. We laid out the stencil. It was 8 large strips of paper with holes cut in it. You spray or paint the holes, remove the paper stencils, then basically connect the dots. I’m pretty sure we picked the hottest day of the year so far… Out on the blacktop for about 7.5 hours the first day I got it all outlined and two-thirds of the color done. Not to mention, a HORRIBLE sunburn…

Second day we were out there were two other mothers there to help. They started the last color and helped apply more coats to the less solid colors. That gave us a great head start to finish up. We finished it that evening and even painted the state abbreviations on each state.

Sometimes as an artist you should pay back. God has given you a talent and you should use it. Just don’t forget the sunscreen…


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