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24×24 acrylic painting of a moose titled, “Thirsty.”

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1534995_10152206241384656_2125056785_nFebruary 1st, 2014 was an artful day! My little Audrey had her performance as a stork in The Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe directed by Missoula Theatre.

A married couple from Missoula Montana traveled to Bakersfield. They had auditions on a Friday, cast the play and had rehearsals all the next week. There were two performances that very Saturday.

After we left the play we rushed over to Art Imitates Art III, exhibited at The Empty Space gallery and co-hosted by The Foundry. She drew a picture of a girl on a hillside. The adult artist Troy Brown, turned her piece into an inspired digital painting. Good job Audie!

February 1, 2014 | See comments »

1620982_474478602657294_961841435_n Since the closing of our gallery in January it was a little difficult to keep the momentum going. But, leave it to a great friend and local artist to pull me out of my rut!  Jesus Fidel of The Empty Space and I joined forces and hosted Art Imitates Art III at his gallery.

The artist reception was held on February 1st, 2014. We showed 9 pairs of artwork. First children were asked to create a piece of art work. We then assigned the children works to adult local artists to recreate. It was a great show and sales were great.

Our round 2 showing will open March 1st, 2014. Here are a few pictures of the show.

Below Tiger pieces by Bayleigh and Jesus Fidel1609690_775276242500661_783371472_n

4 Cotton Candyland Art Imitates Art III











“Cotton candy Land” Emily, 7 and Christina Sweet

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