The Better to Eat You with
March 4, 2014 | See comments »

Too much on my plate — who me? Although I’ve learned quite abruptly over the last two years to say NO; I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I have committed to a lot over the next two months…

Why is it so hard? Why do I have the overwhelming need to please and to receive encouragement? I’ll never really know. For now – I will create and enjoy it.

Since the close of the gallery, I’ve been looking forward to quiet and a “break.” It hasn’t started yet. I’m afraid to see what will happen when it does. I often imagine GOD looking down on this Earth and seeing us as worker ants. I feel like a worker ant. I never stop going. Constantly building and organizing…

I punish myself for taking on too much. I procrastinate in response and then stress to the point of breaking. Not anymore! I have a 4/13 deadline and I am going to finish three weeks early. That is my goal! I am taking a much needed week off this week to attend to my upcoming show at The Empty Space gallery for April/May 2014. I have three of the 6-7 pieces complete and still pushing.

Once this line is complete I will move on to the second project I have going. Stay tuned!

This is a piece that will display at the “Into the Woods” inspired art show called “I Wish…” Title: “The Better to Eat You with My Dear!”


February 20, 2014 | See comments »

24×24 acrylic painting of a moose titled, “Thirsty.”

February 1, 2014 | See comments »

1534995_10152206241384656_2125056785_nFebruary 1st, 2014 was an artful day! My little Audrey had her performance as a stork in The Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe directed by Missoula Theatre.

A married couple from Missoula Montana traveled to Bakersfield. They had auditions on a Friday, cast the play and had rehearsals all the next week. There were two performances that very Saturday.

After we left the play we rushed over to Art Imitates Art III, exhibited at The Empty Space gallery and co-hosted by The Foundry. She drew a picture of a girl on a hillside. The adult artist Troy Brown, turned her piece into an inspired digital painting. Good job Audie!

January 1, 2014 | See comments »

1482998_10152053926129656_1878964614_nPhew! What a whirlwind. I have had a rough few months. Losing the gallery was quite devastating. But every time a door closes… one… ah, forget it. I don’t think I can hear that one again without crying out in horrible pain. Don’t get me wrong I’m adjusting. I’ll be fine.

As soon as the Foundry doors closed, I was approached about an opportunity out of town. I jumped in! I know no other way. It was great fun, although short lived. Between the travel involved and the expenses, it just didn’t make enough sense to continue on with. I walked away with something much more valuable than money in the bank though. Two good friends. Our venture started out over a glass of red wine and came apart over a cup of coffee. Love you sisters.

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