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Today I was on the Scott Cox show on KERN 1180 AM. We discussed The Foundry’s upcoming show “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and First Friday festivities. It was a great time! Thanks go out to Steven Nicklaus. See you next month! Have a listen!

KERN 1180 AM Jan 3 2013


Best of 2012
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What a great surprise!


In Thursday’s paper the following article will run! I was asked to take a profile picture for the paper but I really didn’t completely understand what it was for. I knew there was an award for a sort of best-of type article but I had no idea it was such a grand ordeal! I’m humbled and so appreciative to The Californian, Don Martin of Metro Galleries, Jesus Fidel (my cheerleader and best friend), my family and many Foundry friends who push me and surround me with encouragement to press forward.

My goodness, what a great way to end the year!


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Whimsy and Wanting opened on 12/7/2012 at The Foundry. Rusty Hatfield was our featured artist. Rusty has an amazing hand with the brush. We presented 10 paintings, 2 acrylic and 8 watercolor. His showed focused mainly on the female form.

The night was full of Christmas cheer, hugs, spirits and smiles. The gallery sold quite a few handmade ornaments by Kent Porterfield and Yvonne Cavanagh (Foundry members.) One of my Alley Cat prints sold as well.

Next door the original painting “Winter Time” was on display at Metro Galleries. The piece sold to the Bakersfield Californian Controller on Wednesday night at their staff Christmas party. Such a great surprise! I’m glad it found a new home.

xmas party photo
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Tonight was The Foundry’s third annual Christmas Party. We invite our members and their spouses or dates to attend. Members are to bring an original piece of art and we have a dirty Santa exchange. Its so much fun.

Tonight we also distributed four awards. First was Most Valuable Member for 2012, which was given to Diana Campbell Rice. Diana is our cheerleader, a rock and always there to lend a hand. Second was Most Improved Artist of 2012, which was awarded to Alexandra Ortiz. Alex has had a bumpy year but has pushed through and grown a lot. The third and fourth awards were Red Dot Awards. First Joel Arvallo was given a red dot award for the most sales in a solo show for Organic Abstracts, Untitled I. Lastly, Jason Stewart was given a red dot award for the most sales outside a solo show. Both Joel and Jason are very into their craft. They both have a style all their own.

The night was full of laughter, cheer and community. Onward and upward Foundrians! Let’s help support each other, grow and move ever so much closer to our individual goals. I’m proud to be a co-owner of The Foundry as well as a member with such a great group.


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This morning I met with KERN 1180 AM radio and was interviewed by Jeff Lemucchi, Jorge Barrientos and Hillary Haenes regarding the Bakersfield Life magazine cover art. I was so nervous going in, but it ended up being a lot of fun! Thanks go out to Jeff, Jorge, Hillary, Richard Beene and Don Martin for all you had to do with it!

It’s very strange to listen to your own voice. I kept pacing as I listened this afternoon… Have a listen:



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