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Below is a link to Bakersfield’s first First Friday podcast. Here I explain what The Foundry is all about and you will see some imagery of beautiful works of art by my good friend Jesus Fidel

Bakersfield Life Magazine December 2012
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Earlier this month Don Martin of Metro Galleries contacted me and asked to paint a holiday scene of Bakersfield “with snow” for Bakersfield Life Magazine.¬†Well, considering it only snows in Bakersfield once every 20 or so years, this was a tricky request… The Kern County Museum clock tower was the first local image that came to mind. Luckily I had just the right photograph, which I took earlier this year.

The December 2012 issue of Bakersfield Life magazine was released on Saturday 11/23/2012 with my painting on the cover!

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How exciting is this? With the help of my partner and graphic designer guru, Alan Urquhart, I now have a website to share my artwork with the world. This has been a long time coming due to my busy-busy schedule. I am so happy with the results and look forward to blogging and sharing my experiences in creating artwork, curating at the gallery and everyday inspiration found in everyday things…

So here we go… Enjoy and be sure to check in from time to time!

Christina Sweet

17th and L Streets
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The City of Bakersfield commissioned me and other artists to paint the traffic control boxes through downtown, Bakersfield. My assignment was at 17th and L Streets. This is a busy intersection a block away from the court house. There was a lot of foot traffic while I was out working on it. I received so many thank-you’s and way-to-go’s from passersby. This was an uplifting experience. Thank you City of Bakersfield!

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Many years ago an all female show was formed by a group of local artists, of which later I became friends with. The show was called “Burn the Witch.” Without going into a lengthy explanation I will say it became a popular female art show. Each year there was a new board and the show was curated in a different venue. The show went dark for a year or two and was revisioned by Jesus Fidel and Susan Roussel, reformed and rebuilt under the namesake “Out of the Ashes.”

Out of the Ashes was a beautiful show. I am proud of my friends Jesus and Susan for all they did and how well they displayed the works reinventing a beautiful celebration of female artists!

I participated in Out of the Ashes, and entered three pieces; an untitled piece which was a pencil drawing of a nude male form, a 12×12 piece titled She Grew Up Too Fast, and an 18×24 painting of a llama titled Como te Llama. The show had two receptions one on 10/14/2012 and the last on 10/28/2012.

I’m in hopes someone takes the reigns and does a agreat job on the show next year.

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