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Hooves and Horns was my solo-exhibit at The Padre Hotel featured by Don Martin of Metro Galleries.

The Padre Hotel was built in 1928. It has been beautifully restored. The gallery space is within the cafe called Farmacy. The hotel’s decor is rich and posh. When you enter the building it is easy to forget you are in Bakersfield.

My mother and her fiance surprised me and flew in from Montana for the opening.. What a great surprise it was! There were many visitors familiar and new. The show was well received by the public.

Hooves and Horns will be on exhibit through the end of 2012 and be updated with new works as pieces sell.



September 8, 2012 | See comments »

“RUN!” won 1ST place in “Latination IV.” Preluding the show a dear friend in Austin, TX purchased this piece for a high-school classmate and friend of ours for their wedding anniversary. When given the theme for Latination this year, Fiesta, I tortured my brain trying to think of the most appropriate topic.

First, because of my love of painting animals I thought of the bull right away. Bull fighting… I kicked that around for a couple weeks, but once reviewing reference photos, I was less than excited about that route. I find bull fighting to be gruesome. Then, the running of the bulls! Yes! Although it can also be a pretty violent sport, I found it a more fair fight for the majestic beasts!

This painting was finished in one sitting. Once it was in my mind, I couldn’t rest until it was complete… RUN! was well received by the gallery curator and sparked lots of smiles during the judging process.

Next door, The Foundry which I co-own, was having a grand opening in our new location at 1608 19th Street. The night was full of latin inspired spirit and amazing art. I ran back and forth between Metro Galleries, which hosts Latination, and our opening of “Journey to the Ninth Continent,” works by Foundry member artist Susan Reep. I was told by Don Martin of Metro to “come back at 7:00pm,” with a wink. My husband, kids and his grandparents, parents and dear friend from San Francisco were there with me to hear I won 1ST place for this piece.

The night ended celebrating with friends a wonderful night and a bright future!




August 8, 2012 | See comments »

We moved…. again! The Foundry is now located at 1608 19th Street in downtown Bakersfield, CA.

With the welcome arms of our new neighbors on 19th Street we have relocated the gallery to a more prominant and appropriate space in the heart of the Art Walk. Now next door to Metro Galleries we have many exciting plans instore for the art scene and upcoming collaborative ventures!



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On June 16th, 2012, The Empty Space gallery exhibited my solo show Other Side of the Rainbow. My Curator Jesus Fidel did an amazing job of displaying the works and made the gallery atmosphere magical. From the carnival bulb lights strung across the gallery, the rainbow inspired buffet, handmade colorful sun catchers to the piano player he commissioned to play “Over the Rainbow,” the show was amazing.

I have a horrible habit of having my solo exhibits in the dead of summer. If you aren’t from Bakersfield, most days May through around September are blazing hot, but this didn’t trip up Jesus! He even kept the gallery cool.

The experience was so special and will forever be a fond memory in my art career.


April 6, 2012 | See comments »

Our first Art Imitates Art opened on April 6th, 2012. This show originated as an art challenge for our member artists. This show was inspired by a New York artist who illustrated a book titled, “The Monster Engine Project.” In his book he had drawings from children and created artwork using the children’s images transforming the monster drawing into three dimensional beings.

For our challenge, I rallied up all of the kiddos I could find age 10 or younger to draw me a creature. I then assigned them to our Foundry member artists to recreate using the same guideline. The pieces we got back were amazing. The exhibit Art Imitates Art opened on First Friday, April 6th, 2012 at The Foundry gallery.

The children were encouraged to visit the exhibit. 23 pieces of art were sold that night. Art Imitates Art II will open on March 1st, 2012.

Picture: Christina Sweet (artist) and Jennie Laney and Jennifer Fry (parents of child artists)


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