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1620982_474478602657294_961841435_n Since the closing of our gallery in January it was a little difficult to keep the momentum going. But, leave it to a great friend and local artist to pull me out of my rut!  Jesus Fidel of The Empty Space and I joined forces and hosted Art Imitates Art III at his gallery.

The artist reception was held on February 1st, 2014. We showed 9 pairs of artwork. First children were asked to create a piece of art work. We then assigned the children works to adult local artists to recreate. It was a great show and sales were great.

Our round 2 showing will open March 1st, 2014. Here are a few pictures of the show.

Below Tiger pieces by Bayleigh and Jesus Fidel1609690_775276242500661_783371472_n

4 Cotton Candyland Art Imitates Art III











“Cotton candy Land” Emily, 7 and Christina Sweet

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31 Happy Otis1604444_466169433488211_1474023310_n





I was invited to participate in a group show inspired by the story, Snow White, titled “Whistle While You Work.” This show was curated by my dear friend Jesus Fidel at The Empty Space gallery in Bakersfield CA. The opening artist reception was held on January 11th, 2014.

My first assignment was “Happy” the dwarf. I found a grainy black and white photo of the person who was the inspiration and voice of Happy, Otis Harlan. I painted Happy the dwarf in his likeness. Artwork titled “Happy Otis,” acrylic painting.


Another assignment fell through so at the last minute I offered to also paint “Sneezy.” I did not have the time I needed to do much research so this one is heavily Disney inspired. I now enjoy it at my home studio.


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1482998_10152053926129656_1878964614_nPhew! What a whirlwind. I have had a rough few months. Losing the gallery was quite devastating. But every time a door closes… one… ah, forget it. I don’t think I can hear that one again without crying out in horrible pain. Don’t get me wrong I’m adjusting. I’ll be fine.

As soon as the Foundry doors closed, I was approached about an opportunity out of town. I jumped in! I know no other way. It was great fun, although short lived. Between the travel involved and the expenses, it just didn’t make enough sense to continue on with. I walked away with something much more valuable than money in the bank though. Two good friends. Our venture started out over a glass of red wine and came apart over a cup of coffee. Love you sisters.

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21 Jake Batts 18x24 SOLDIn late 2013 I was commissioned to paint a portrait of Jake Batts. He is the son of my mother’s companion. He is an amazing musician. It was a kick to get the texted picture of his reaction to it. As “Face” always said, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


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1470379_637694346273283_2141563077_n1508978_644970598878991_963507708_nThis was the first painting I completed in my new home art studio. I originally titled it, “Oh Hi!” But, the new owner has named him Oliver. I think that works for him.









My new studio has plenty of space to spread out and have many stations for the different arts and crafts done by me and the kiddos. I’m happy and comfortable.


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