“All birds, even those of the same species, are not alike, and it is the same with animals and human beings. The reason our creator does not make two birds, or animals, or human beings exactly alike is because each is placed here to be an independent individual and to rely upon itself.” ~ Ancient Indian proverb.

This exhibit gives tribute to the strength and beauty that Christina finds in many hooved and horned animals. From the strength in the hooves that carry the beautiful beasts to their beautiful crowning horns and racks of antlers.

Christina grew up in a family that hunted every fall. The men would go away in October and bring home their gathering a couple weeks later. It was a normal sight to see a mounted deer in our family’s game rooms. “I remember as a child studying the horns with their many curves and grooves. I would stare into the buck’s marble eyes and imagine stories of how the animal lived,” said Sweet.

Her approach when planning this exhibit was to paint a group of prize animals. When Christina says “prize” she doesn’t mean animals that should be considered target practice, but more animals that should be recognized for being one of a kind. No two sets of horns or antlers are the same. Much like a fingerprint for humans, these animals are uniquely different.

The works created for this exhibit are painted in acrylic and show the wild colors and brush strokes to capture the regal beasts how Christina sees them; alive and majestic.


14 Horses