Milky White
March 7, 2014 | See comments »

I have a show at The Empty Space in April/May based on the musical “Into the Woods.” I watched the play on Netflix and started brainstorming a week or two ago. It was a little tough for me to get through. I was deeply struggling with what style to use, what my common thread would be, etc. One morning in the shower I remembered something I told myself last year, “If you can’t decide, don’t.” I am wired to make quick decisions and execute! My Mom is the same way…

This show will have a variety of styles in it. I know fans of my work will still see me in each and every one of the paintings. It’s kind of fun! This is the second piece in my show.

Oh! I forgot to mention the best part! I have split the show with my dear friend Alisyn Palla. Her medium is metal. She does some AMAZING things! It’s been fun communicating back and forth brainstorming on who will create which characters in the story.

Artwork titled: “Milky White”; 16×20″; acrylic painting; $300

May 24, 2013 | See comments »

{03C693F9-BB73-4449-B8CA-35F09C8EAD51}Months ago I turned in my submission for the Eye Gallery show this summer at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. The artists for this show are hand selected by a committee of organizers between the Bakersfield Californian and BMoA. I was honored to be a selected artist this year.

The assignment? Within a 96 hour period the artists are to write a portion of a story, 50 words or less, and illustrate their entry. You only see the pieces preceding your contribution and build on the stories of the artists before you. I was number five. This was a great challenge. During the exhibit in June, the pieces, both written and visual, will hang in order and tell the complete story. My piece introduced the character of the story. A woman intrigued by a ghostly yet familiar silhouette in her yard.

I’m looking forward to the opening!



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