Alice Hargreaves
February 11, 2013
Today during my show, a woman pushing an older woman in a wheelchair and a man (middle-aged) in a mad hatter hat came into the gallery… They saw the article in the paper by Stefani Dias in the Bakersfield Californian, and decided they must go.
See, the woman in the chair was Alice Hargreaves. She was not “the” Alice but had her same name. “Alice is here to see her childhood friends,” said her daughter in law pushing the wheelchair. The man sporting the top hat was Alice’s son and she had made the hat for him.
Alice has been a lifetime fan of the story and has a collection of over 100 versions/copies of the book and also a vast collection of Alice in Wonderland items. She sampled the tea cakes and chocolates and had a glass of water. She smiled up at me and winked a few times while looking over the art works. They bought a couple prints and left after an hour or so.
This was a very special visit…


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